How to Look after your dog during summer

A Dalmation enjoying the beach on a summer's day

It is not just us human folk that get effected from the sun/heat, we need to take extra care of our pets in the sunnier weather. 

Watch out for summer related risks, e.g.: –

Dog breed

 Brachycephalic, or short-nosed dog breeds (e.g. Bulldogs/Pugs) are especially susceptible to overheating


Ensure that animals aren’t left unattended when tempting meat is sizzling away on the barbecue. Prevent pets from burn accidents, whether it lands on them or they consume it. Prevent pets from consuming bones, skewers and corn on the cob husks.

High temperatures

  • Keep animals comfortable as temperatures rise and prevent life-threatening heat stroke
  • Walk dogs early morning or late evening to avoid direct sun exposure/overheated pavement blisters
  • Cool dogs regularly – A refreshing run through sprinklers/rest on cool floors (e.g. indoor tiled areas)


  • Study dehydration symptoms, including dry gums, dark sunken eyes, rapid shallow breathing and lethargy
  • Refill water bowls regularly/enable water access always
  • Wash water bowls regularly to minimise heat promoted bacteria

Overheating when travelling

Pets negatively react to overheating much quicker than humans think – even just a few minutes of leaving a pet alone in a vehicle can be deadly.


Beneath a pet’s fur is vulnerable skin that requires sun protection like human skin. Pets can also develop sunburn and skin cancer. Lighter-coloured/short-haired animals face higher sunburn risk. Key body areas to sunscreen include ear tips, groin, inner legs and belly. Use specific pet safe products only as human sunscreens may be toxic.

Water dangers

Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Pets should never play in the water unattended. If at all concerned, use appropriate life preservers until confident in swimming ability.
Prevent the drinking of pool/ocean water – this may lead to serious health implications.
Post-swim check for waterlogged ears (dogs are prone to swim induced ear infections).
Most of all, enjoy your summer and your pet; stay safe; if in any doubt please contact your veterinary surgeon for advice.

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