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How often should you wash your dog?

Let's be honest... We know our dog's aren't clean for the longest amount of time...

Let’s be honest… We know our dog’s aren’t clean for the longest amount of time… They just love finding that muddy puddle and can’t resist a good roll about in something they really shouldn’t. That leaves us with the obvious question, how often do I actually need to wash my dog? 

Why bathe a dog? 

Not only is it tackling the cleanliness of your dog, bathing offers an opportunity to check them over for any suspicious lumps, bumps or fleas. This will not, however, replace a visit to the vet for a check up, but bathing offers a chance to have a quick look over for yourself. 

When should you bathe your dog? 

Ultimately, it comes down to things such as; dog odour, skin conditions and levels of dirt or grime. You may have a working dog which spends most of their time outdoors, so they may require more bathing than a dog living predominantly indoors. If dog odour isn’t an issue for you and their fur isn’t visibly dirty, there probably isn’t an imminent requirement for your dog to take a bath. 

It is important that our dogs build up a level of natural oils in their hair and skin to stay healthy. So, if you are finding that you are needing to wash your dog often, be sure to use a light/gently shampoo, to ensure you’re not over cleaning them.  

How to bathe your dog? 

Similar to our advice on our blog post about grooming your dog, it is important to always make bathing a happy experience. Treats, rewards, and praise will go a long way. Remain calm and don’t match your dog’s level of anxiety. Make sure that your dog understands that when they take a bath, good things happen, not terrifying things!

At The Groom Pad, we offer a bath only service. You can book your dog in online here.

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