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Full Groom

Wash, Ears Cleaned, Dry, Brush Out, Pads Trimmed, Nails Trimmed, Hygeine Area Tidy, Cut / Style, Doggie Perfume. Starting at £25.00*.

Puppy Groom

Up to 5 Months - getting used to the salon and grooming equipment. Wash, Ears Cleaned, Dry, Brush Out Nails Trimmed, Pads Trimmed, Eye Tidy, Doggie Perfume. £20 or 3 x 1 hour groom's £50 (seperate bookings required for each session).

Deshed Groom

Wash, Ears Cleaned, Dry, Brush Out and Dead Hair Removed, Hygeine area tidy, Tidy up of skirt, pants, hocks and paws if needed, Nails Trimmed, Doggie Perfume. Starting from £20*.

Bath Only

Starting from £15*.

Meet and Great

Come along to meet the team and discuss your pooches needs.

Nail Trimming

Teeth Cleaning

*Price dependent on size of dog.

Spa Treatments

Why not add an extra treat for your pooch?

Deep Conditioning Treatment

After a thorough clean in the hydrobath a deep conditioning treatment is applied. Your dog is then given a massage whilst the treatment goes to work.

Facial Scrub

A natural aloe, cucumber and melon treatment is gently massage into your pooches face to gently remove stains from the face and ears.

Fresh Breath Foam

Freshens breath whilst supporting healthy enamel a bright smile and clean teeth


Luxury paw massage using moisturising balm to nourish and restore dry pads.

3 for 2 Spa Special

Choose 3 of our Spa Treatments and pay for 2.

Wrinkle Treatment

Our wrinkle treatment cleans and protects your dogs wrinkles, tear stains and tail pocket. We apply an antibacterial & anti-fungal, wrinkle paste which forms a water repellent barrier that helps to keep moisture, fungus & bacteria at bay. Works great for all dogs! - English Bulldogs, Frenchies, Olde English Bulldogs, Pugs, American Bulldogs, Shar-peis, Mastiffs…and even long-haired breeds such as Poodles, Shih-tzu’s and Pomeranians! Suitable for even the most sensitive or allergy prone pet.

You can add a spa treatment service to your pet’s visit via our online booking service. Just simply click ‘add ons’ when selecting your services.