Our services

Teeth Cleaning

Non-invasive ultrasound teeth cleaning that offers so many benefits to your pooch. From preventing and removing tartar to combatting various diseases.

Nail Clipping

Thinking about when you should get your dog's nails cut? A good rule of thumb is to clip them as soon as they're touching the ground. Get your pooch a Pawdicure at The Groom Pad!

Face Tidy

Looking to just have your pooches face tidied? We've got you!

Full Groom

The full works, the whole shabang. Come back to a sparkling clean, smart looking, lovely smelling, best friend.

Paw Tidy

For when your dog's paws are needing a bit of TLC and tidying.

Bath Only

Has your beloved dog rolled in something they shouldn't have...? We know, it's a nightmare. Pop in and get them smelling fabulous.

De-shed Groom

Wash, Ears Cleaned, Dry, Brush Out and Dead Hair Removed, Hygeine area tidy, Tidy up of skirt, pants, hocks and paws if needed, Nails Trimmed, Doggie Perfume.

Puppy Groom

The grooming salon can be a lot to take in for pups, we'd love to meet your pup and get them used to being groomed!